Principal Investigator (PI)

So Iwata, Professor s.iwata [at] career summary

Group Leaders

Takuya Kobayashi, Associate Professor t-coba [at] research
Tatsuro Shimamura, Project Lecturer t.shimamura [at] research
Norimichi Nomura, Assistant Professor nnomura [at] research
Makoto Adachi, Assistant Professor ada [at] research
Hidetsugu Asada, Project Assistant Professor h.asada [at] research

Scientists and Technical Staffs (Alphabetical Listing)

Hiromi Hisano h.hisano [at]
Yunhong Hotta y.hotta [at]
Kanako Kimura k.kimura [at]
Keihong Liu liu [at]
Miyako Matsui m.matsui [at]
Kazushi Morimoto k.morimoto [at]
Tomoya Nakagita t.nakagita [at]
Yayoi Nomura y.nomura [at]
Maki Sasanuma m.sasanuma [at]
Yumi Sato y.sato [at]
Ryoji Suno r.suno [at]
Yuki Shiimura y.shiimura [at]
Hirokazu Tsujimoto h.tsujimoto [at]
Tomoko Uemura t.uemura [at]

Graduate Students (Alphabetical Listing)

Shingo Nojima s.nojima[at]

Office Administrator

Chiho Fukui chif [at]
Room:303  Tel +81-75-753-4378


Nao Yoshida n.yoshida [at]

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